Fushimi Inari Taisha


Ofuda, Omamori

Ofuda, Omamori

You can buy a talisman or amulet, called ofuda and omamori in order to have the assistance of Inari Okami in your everyday life. The ofuda is placed in your home shrine or in a clean place, and the omamori is carried with you at all times.
After one year, bring them back to the shrine and buy a new ofuda or omamori.
There are a wide variety of ofuda and omamori, for example for help with success in business, or well-being of one's family. Choose an ofuda or omamori that suits your situation.

Inari Mamori

This omamori asks Inari Okami for protection in order to have a trouble-free daily life. Available in vermillion or purple.

Shintai Kenzen Mamori

This omamori represents a wish for good health always.

Strap Mamori (small)

The servant of Oinari-san, the white fox, beckons good luck with this omamori. It has a string, so it can be attached to a mobile phone or other everyday object so it's always with you. This omamori is also available in a larger size.